Altered is a meditative puzzle game mixing hard puzzles and a soothing atmosphere. Solve puzzles in four worlds with four different players that can stretch, extend, magnetise or warp, each type challenging you to think outside the box. In Altered, the player is the puzzle.


The creation of Altered was heavily inspired by games like The Witness, Stephen's Sausage Roll and similar titles, with a direct inspiration from the Japanese games from the 80's Sokoban. In the past few years, a lot of these 'thinky puzzle games' have taken novel and simple puzzle mechanics to create something much more interesting as whole. Almost like they have created their own language. This inspired us and with Altered we have attempted to do something similar.


  • Experiment with the different player types, exploring new ways of solving puzzles that might not seem obvious at first glance.
  • Play through 80+ puzzles across pretty and calming environments all challenging your puzzle brain to think outside the box.


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Original Soundtrack (OST)
Composed by the super talented Jonas Kappel Lund. Who has been a part of a number of projects you can see on his website.

About Glitchheart

Glitchheart is a Danish game development studio based in Aarhus, Denmark consisting of the two German brothers Daniel and Niels Bross.
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Altered Credits

Daniel Bross
Programmer and Designer
Niels Bross
Programmer and Designer
Jonas Kappel Lund
Original Soundtrack
Mikkel Schmidt Maltesen